The Heating Challenge 2023

The Heating Challenge 2023

By Crail Community Hall on 06/01/2023

CCH was acquired by the community in February 2021. Our first challenge was viability through COVID. In 2023 we face a Heating Challenge.

CCH is used by many community groups, Crail Choir, Badminton, Table Tennis, Pilates, Yoga, various social clubs and the Crail festivals. In 2023 three charities will be using the premises to provide community support through regular lunches and specific family support.

Why are we crowdfunding?

We are taking major steps to improve the efficiency of the heating system in CCH with a new boiler being installed in January 2023. But we still face a unique heating cost challenge as our energy prices increased in March 2022 and will do the same in March 2023.

We do not want to pull back from the services we make available today.

How does the Coop Match Funding work?

For every donation made towards this project Coop will match it up to £250, so if your project receives a donation of £20 Coop will add another £20. If your project receives a donation of £600 then you'll receive an additional £250.

Only one donation per supporter will be matched (Coop will not provide match funding where a supporter is deemed to have made multiple donations).

We can receive a maximum of £3,000 of match funding for this project.

How we’ll spend the money raised?

Money raised will be primarily used to support energy bill payments during 2023 and any low cost energy efficiency improvements we identify.

How to donate?

Please go to our crowdfunding website

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