Kingsbarns Housing Survey

Kingsbarns Housing Survey

By Dave on 15/07/2022

The Communities Housing Trust has launched a new survey to gather vital perspectives on present and future housing needs, in and around Kingsbarns.

The survey is released as housing issues dominate national headlines; a recent Homes For Scotland report found that a ‘chronic’ housing shortage is impacting communities across the country. In response, a Scottish Government spokesperson said, ‘Homes have never been simply bricks and mortar - good housing and homes support our health, our wellbeing, our life changes, and our job prospects.’

The Kingsbarns Housing Survey aims to highlight challenges specific to the area. The results will help inform a sustainable housing plan, based on the interests of the community. Residents, people considering returning or relocating to the Kingsbarns Community Council area, local businesses, and potential new businesses, are all being invited to participate and share their views. Questions about the provision of suitable, affordable homes for local people are central to the survey.

The Communities Housing Trust is a charity and the leading organisation for delivering community-led housing in Scotland, having worked with over 100 communities to facilitate affordable housing and other needed amenities.

Ronnie MacRae, CEO of Communities Housing Trust, said: “We are very pleased to be working with the community of Kingsbarns to understand their specific needs. We urge everyone in the area to fill one in to get the best understanding possible.“Co 

mmunity-led housing is often the best option in small, rural communities, as it can be tailored, providing a mix of tenures as well as a mix of house sizes, to give the greatest possible flexibility to residents.”

The 2-minute surveys can be completed online before Sunday 24 July at

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