Hairy Bikers Go East Neuk

Hairy Bikers Go East Neuk

By Dave on 19/01/2023

From The Harbour Café in Elie, they set out to find new items they could add to their menu. First stop was the the East Neuk Kilnhouse, where Colin and Billy showed their smoking skills - and how to hand slice a side of salmon. Hugely impresses by the hot smoked salmon, they used that as the base for the new twist on kedgeree, garnished with cold smoked salmon and cucumber, dill and mustard sauce.

They also visited the Bowhouse Butchery in St Monans , where they sourced their haggis beef olives with honey berry sauce, and paid a visit to Kingsbarns distillery, where they discovered new and exciting flavours - taking a fruity whisky back to Elie to create a cranachan rice pudding and shortbread.

If you missed the show, catch it now on iPlayer -

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