Frameology St Monans

I live in the beautiful village of St Monans, often referred to as the photography village. We are living in a digital era with speed and convenience at our fingertips, most of us have phones with a decent camera and some also enjoy photography as a hobby. Like many others I love this convenience but it can result in many beautiful images or special memories being "lost" inside our phone or computer hard drives.

Most of the images we capture, whilst not always technically perfect, hold a special memory of why we decided to capture that specific moment. Some of these images are really very special and some can even be technically perfect as well.

As a keen photographer, I realised I wanted to see some of these images more frequently so I decided to make my own mounts & picture frames to start to display the special images that meant so much to me. I wanted to bring them out of the digital darkness and back to something more tangible that I could display on walls, I expanded this approach to prints and art I liked and enjoy looking at them every single day.

This led me to start Frameology as a local service providing quality mounts & frames to enhance photographs, prints and art at an affordable price.

Most frames in high street stores use a plastic core with a foil covering. I don't use any plastic mouldings, all my frames are made with wood at its core.

I also use a variety of bare wood frames which also gives greater flexibility to hand finish with a stain or a specific paint colour to compliment or match your home decor.

In addition to frames I also make bespoke mirrors sized & finished to match your needs.

Do you have a special memory "lost" in your pc, camera or a forgotten print or art work that needs framed?

Contact me and I will work with you to create a quality frame to help bring your special memories to life.

My goal is to provide a cost effective local service that satisfies my customer's needs using top quality materials.

Thanks, Allan

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