East Neuk Beach Crafts

Beach pebble art - handmade in Anstruther. Framed seaside pictures, driftwood ornaments and beach inspired jewellery. All made from upcycled antique sea pottery, sea glass & driftwood sourced from the beautiful East Neuk of Fife beaches.

The Story of East Neuk Beach Crafts...Nestled on the shoreline where the glittering Firth of Forth flows into the North Sea, the rocky beaches of the East Neuk are abundant with washed-up, sea-worn treasures, both natural and man-made. Along with naturally tumbled sea glass and driftwood, my favourite finds are the tiny fragments of patterned pottery and china that gather between the pebbles at low tide. After some research, I discovered many of these pieces are originally from the 1800’s and 1900’s, often dating back to the Victorian and Regency eras when the nearby town of Kirkcaldy was at the heart of the Scottish pottery industry. Despite being tumbled and smoothed by the Scottish waves for so long, the patterns and colours remain wonderfully vibrant and the transformative power of the sea ensures each fragment is entirely unique.

Using the local wildlife, charming East Neuk villages and diverse landscape around me as inspiration, I began creating cheerful seaside artwork made almost entirely from the materials I found along the shoreline. My main subjects are the magical birds and animals with whom we share the coastline: puffins, seagulls, seals and whales, all set amongst a backdrop of boats, lighthouses and fishermen’s cottages.

My quirky scenes are available to buy as original framed collages and decorative driftwood ornaments. A range of silver wire-wrapped sea glass jewellery, limited edition prints, coasters and greetings cards are also available.

By using materials naturally re-shaped by the sea, each artwork is guaranteed to be a one-off, a part of Fife’s rich history and a perfect memento of the East Neuk.

Everything is available to buy on my website.

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